No Kitten Left Behind

At Kitty City, we fight hard against animal cruelty and strive to keep even unwanted kittens alive. We work hard to find every kitten a loving home. We go the distance to find permanent placement with loving families for your fur babies in their forever homes. Our dedicated workers are working tirelessly year-round to put an end to animal cruelty. We make it our mission to treat each kitten individually and thoroughly. Striving to meet all their individual needs, from health and security, to nutrition and proper placement needs.

Kittens come to us with sometimes all kinds of issues. Too many to mention. Our volunteers take the necessary time needed to determine what is most needed for each kitten to live a healthy, stress free life, in the best environment known for each kittens personality, demeanor, and past experiences.

We here at Kitty City are thankful for compassionate people like you, that offer up your loving homes to these kittens and we absolutely Thank you for your support.

At Kitty City, aside from helping thousands of kittens find their forever homes every year, , we also provide kittens medical care and behavioral rehabilitation based on each unique and individual kittens needs. We respond to emergencies when disaster strikes, and fight for stronger laws to protect animals. 

We at Kitty City take in all kittens for re-homeing no matter how many kittens in each litter. If you know of a kitten in distress or in an unwanted or abusive situation, please do not wait to contact us for pick up or to bring them in. Many times the waiting is our worst enemy. See our “instructions” page for DROP OFFS or PICK UPS for further details and coverage areas. If you are interested in adopting a kitten, please visit our ADOPTION page and simply fill out the form telling us what exactly you are looking for in a companion, and give us the best chance at matching a kitten for both you and the kitten. Giving both you and the kitten the best chance at a happy healthier life.

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