About Our Kittens

About our Kittens.

Welcome to Maine Coon Kittens for sale Seattle. We are  located near Seattle in Kent WA. Thank you for stopping by.  To view our available kittens , go to our available kittens page. The information below should answer all your questions about: Us, Our breeding, and our cat and kitten life, as well as how to purchase one of our kittens and kitten pricing.

Kitten Size


I quite regularly have people want me to predict adult size of my kittens. This is IMPOSSIBLE! All my customers are special to me. However, I can not tell them their kitten will be the largest, I cant!  Our Maine Coon Seattle breeds beautiful, healthy, well socialized Maine Coons – with or without extra toes! 
The average weight of an 8-week old kitten is 2 pounds. A kitten a few ounces one way or the other just cannot be judged to become the big one with any kind of accuracy. I may have had a huge kitten in the past, and yet it does not end up very large at all. On the other hand, I’ve had quite small kittens end up being huge! 
And no, parent size doesn’t really seem to matter, odd as that seems. The number one key ingredient for producing a large cat is plenty of protein starting at earliest of age. Always offer your kitten a high protein free pour diet of dry anytime it is wanted. Include as supplement a wet or moist high protein feeding 2-3 times a day. It may not be a huge amount. I do not suggest putting out the entire portion. Your cat will let you know when that time is for supplements, and I strongly encourage taking the time to encourage this feeding. If a large Maine coon is what you’re after. Remember, Maine coon males don’t get their growing spurt till beginning at 3-4 years of age. Until this time , relax and enjoy the playfulness and bonding stage. Take advantage of teaching your kitten the tricks you might enjoy him/her learning. Water fountains are big with this breed. Fetching is a favorite of mine, as is using the family lavatory. Don’t forget to offer rewards with progress. Baby steps need rewarding too.

The weight of our Cats.

It is impossible to predict which kittens will be the largest.  I have had HUGE kittens end up as an 11 lb adult, and a very tiny boy end up 28 lbs.  I have had small females produce some of my largest males.  Most neutered males will be in the 18-20lb range.
Again weight is relative.  You can have a tall long cat that is very large weigh 17 lbs, and a fat short one weighs 24 lbs.  So with this being said, please do not ask me to predict your cats adult weight.  I will tell you how one kitten in a litter relates to the others of that litter, or other litters I have had, but don’t expect me to guarantee you a certain size cat at adulthood, as much depends on the care and nutrition you give the kitten.  Most stud males will range between 14-20lbs, with neuters growing larger . Females range anywhere from 8 to 16lbs on average.  As you can see there is a large size variation.

Does Size Matter?

Most people are attracted to the Maine Coon breed for its large size. “I want a big maine coon”, is a phrase we often hear.  Then after owning one,  size doesn’t matter, they fall in love with the breeds temperament and personality.

Maine Coon Coats


Many people are attracted to the Maine Coon breed. This coat question is one we get quite often!  The photos of most of our adults are either before adulthood or after they have become hormonal and are breeding.  Breeding cats will not have the big coat a spayed or neutered one will.  Females will blow coat every time they come into season, and breeding Males have what is called a stud tail, where the tail is not fluffy.  You cannot judge the adult coat by kitten coat, many have very non fluffy coats and look quite gangly.  Usually by a year old if altered your kitten will start developing a “Maine Coon” coat.

Born and Raised

Where is my kitten born and raised?  Our kittens are born in the nursery completely away from all the other adult cats or older kittens. Our Maine Coons are part of our family and live inside our home with us! Kittens are birthed in our master bedroom, which doubles as nursery so we can keep a close eye on both mother and babies! Maine Coons are our focus, we do not breed any other type of cat! We are very proud of our kittens and feel honored to share this magnificent breed with others! When they are of age to toddle around they are then moved to the kitten room which has large areas to play and climb.  They are then subject to normal household activity.  Our kittens receive lots of attention and interaction which makes them friendly and communicative with others.
Our adult female queens have their own queens quarters away from the studs.  They are NOT with a stud cat unless they are to be bred, this prevents any and all “oops” litters. Most of our cats are free fed dry cat food.  See also:  Blue Buffalo cat food tab top of this page. We do not feed nor endorse raw feeding.



Kitten visits can begin ONLY after they are 6 weeks old and have been vet checked. Newborns and kittens under six weeks are NOT available for viewing! Kittens are available after getting all their beginning shots,  de-wormings and are parasite free. Our breeding cats are DNA negative for HCM and heart screened as well. Our kittens are guaranteed DNA negative for HCM, PK Def, SMA, and guaranteed not to have FIV, HD or Leukemia. Kittens are sold as pets only.  Kittens are VET examined prior to placement and will have received two sets of vaccine.
All Kittens Come With  Health Guarantee. We have a 72 Hour Health Guarantee, If for any reason your Vet thinks you should not have purchased the kitten. It can be returned immediately for a full refund. In addition to a full refund offered, included in our sales contract is a seller buy back option for you as a buyer. This allows us the breeder first buy back option should the need ever present itself in the future. Preventing the kitten/cat from being placed in a shelter or other like facility.


While breeding Maine Coon Kittens is very much for me a hobby, this is also our home. Between the cats and kitten care, and full time jobs,  we have little free time. When we have a kitten you are interested in we will be happy to spend time with you after the baby has turned 6 weeks old.


Payment expected in CASH ONLY! – NO CHECKS If shipped payment by Postal Money Order ONLY! No Bank Drafts or Cashiers Checks. Be aware,

We no longer accept deposits when reserving a kitten from us.  There generally is a small waiting list for kittens.  However once you have filled out the “Send Us A Message Form”  and submitted it, you will then be notified of the new litter when it arrives.  You will be updated with all the details and be made aware of the first available viewing times.  Once you have picked out your kitten, it is then reserved as yours until your pick up date, at which time full payment is due. There is such a high demand for our kittens, deposits just are not necessary.   (unless previous arrangements have been made), we accept postal money orders & cash but do NOT accept personal checks. All kittens are generally ready to go to their forever home around 12 weeks (or so) of age & will already have three sets of vaccinations, two vet visits, a dose of Revolution (applied on the day they leave us), & at least two rounds of worming medications. I’ve worked really hard to make sure that everything in the best interest of my cats & KITTENS I strive to make sure everything on my part has been done to insure the life long health, happiness, & wellness of each & every Kitten that I bring into the world is absolutely possible.



We do not take deposits. But we WILL put your name on a kitten as Reserved for you!

We do not feel it right or fair to take money for a kitten – Not Yet Born- Not Old Enough To Evaluate – Not Yet Vet Checked.
Once the kitten you have reserved reaches 8 weeks of age and has been vet checked, we will then evaluate and make sure that it is matching your expectations. Full Payment for your kitten is due at time of pick up. Do not be afraid or hesitant to let us know when your needs or circumstances change. Life has a way of causing our even most certain of plans to change. So should you find yourself at a crossroad with your previously decided decision, then that’s okay. Just let us know as soon as you know, as we deal with one buyer at a time until kittens are reserved. Don’t worry about your kitten, someone will always want that kitten. We will ensure the kitten gets placed in a loving home. Truth be told, based off my own personal experiences, I could never have enough kittens to offer my customers. That is based off my continued desire and demand requests for this breed.


Pet Kittens are $700.00-1200.00 –Includes: Vet check, and vaccinations records, sales contract, pet carrier, favorite toy, two day supply of both wet and dry food, and our guarantee that your pet is fully litter box trained and has been introduced with a scratch post.

Show Kittens are $2000.00+ -Includes a show contract that ensures kitten will attend at least 3 accredited cat shows in TICA, CFA, or CFF.

Breeder Kittens are $2500.00+ With detailed contract and only to established, ethical catteries. * Shipping costs and or altering (spay/neuter) to be paid by purchaser.

Polydactyl Add $100.00

Special offers:

As always, during the month of December each year, we offer all our available kittens at a price of 600.00 for the entire month. This is our way of saying thank you and hopfully helping each of our seeking family’s enjoy and have a very merry Christmas, and a wonderfully blessed new year.

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