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Born November 30th 2022

Most recent litter. Prices have been set at 900.00 and exams and wellness checks are set for the first week of February. Feel free to call, text, or email to schedule a viewing. Viewings can begin anytime after February 2nd.

Born October 10th, 2022

Prices range 700.00 to 1000.00

Both kittens have been re-homed already.

Just in time for Christmas, Born October 3, 2022

As always in December Kittens are $600.00 through the end of December. For this litter born October 3rd prices are $600.00 Merry Christmas and blessings to your new year.

Born April 7th 2022, Meet: Myron, Mayham, Mattie, & Maggie

Prices have been set at 1000.00 for this litter. All of the kittens from this April 7th litter have been re-homed.

Born April 29th 2022

Meet Prince & Percy, Loko & Lola, Gizmoe & Gus, and Ollie & Olive Prices have been set at 700.00 for this litter,


View also on Gokitty.com website for full offer details and discounts.

Callie /Female, Bailey /Male, Ralphie /Male, & Charlie /Male

Born April 12th 2022

view on GoKitty.com

Shadow /Male, Smokey /Male, Simon/ Male, & Sam/Male Prices set at 1000.00 for this litter.

These little boys have all been re-homed already as of 6/17/2022.

When a new litter is born, we will first advertise on “Go Kitty.com” If you find a kitten that interests you, you will then be directed to our website for full offer details. From there it is easy. Simply fill out the Send us a Message form located on our home page to get signed up. You can also call, text, or email me directly at the number listed below. When we find one that meets your criteria, we will let you know right away. Litters are named by date of birth. We no longer use an ongoing wait list to place orders. Kittens will be advertised on Go-Kitty website, and from there they go out on a first come first serve basis. If you are filling out the send us a message form, please include as many details as possible. Thank you again for stopping by and check back often as we update regularly.

Tauna@mainecoonkittensforsaleseattle.com or Text: 206-313-5708

***New Litter of 8 ********** Prices set at 800.00

Born June 17th 2021

Prices set at 900.00

Born April 20th 2021

Prices set at 700.00

Born March 20th 2021

Prices set at 900.00

Born Dec 20th 2020

Prices set at 900.00

Born October 22, 2020

Prices set at 800.00

Born March 26th 2020

Prices set at 1000.00

Born November 19, 2019

Prices set at 900.00

Born November 25th 2019

Prices set at 700.00

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