Our Parents

Boots is our latest addition to our family. He has a luxurious coat and a very plushy tail. His fabulous features include his long plushy tail and a very boxy muzzle. Boots is only 1 year old so he hasn’t reached his growing spurt yet. We do expect him to reach at least 20 lbs, maybe more. Boots had his first round of babies and they were exceptional.

Paws has it all.  Paws has an incredible coat and maine and an extremely bushy tail.  Paws prefers to be with people over other animals, and always where the action is.  He is  very vocal and highly sociable. He also produces  very wonderful kittens.

Maggie is a large Patch Tabby Maine coon with incredible green eyes. She has a long body with a beautiful silky coat. Maggie has a very friendly disposition and loves human companionship. Maggie is our youngest queen but is already large in size. Maggie adapts well with the other queens and their kittens. She has always been very patient with the kittens from other litters when they will occasionally get confused about who mom is and be content to lay with her instead.

Pogo has a very pleasant personality and gets along with everyone. Her dense coat has multiple layers of colors, allowing her to produce a wide variety in colors of kittens. She has a bushy tail and produces kittens with boxy muzzles. Her litters tend to be smaller in numbers but very good looking kittens.

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